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Real Estate Acquisition, Development, and Finance

Our experienced real estate attorneys and paralegals will guide you through the acquisition and finance process. We work with property owners, purchasers, sellers, developers, landlords, and investors at all points of real estate ownership. We specialize in commercial real estate; however, we do assist our clients with the purchase and sale of their personal residences in certain situations.

Our Real Estate Attorneys

Apartment Building


Also known as a Tax-Free Exchange, Like-Kind Exchange, or Section 1031 Exchange

Thinking of acquiring a new real estate investment? Considering whether to dispose of an existing real estate investment? Our attorneys who specialize in real estate exchanges will help you evaluate whether a real estate exchange may be right for you.

Our Real Estate Exchange Attorneys

Hay Barrels


Placement and Tax Treatment of Conservation Easements

Owners of large pieces of real estate or farms with a desire to conserve their natural resources often place conservation easements on their properties. We have worked with various agencies, including the Virginia Outdoors Foundation, Albemarle County Public Recreational Facilities Authority, Historic Green Springs District, the Department of Forestry, and the Department of Historic Resources, to prepare conservation easements. In addition to the conservation benefits, there are federal and state tax benefits. We can help with the preparation of the necessary tax forms for federal purposes, as well as registration for the Virginia Land Preservation Credits.

Our Conservation Easement Attorneys

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