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Legal Department


David W. Kudravetz

George B. McCallum, III

Roger D. Williams

Kathy Donovan Abell

Richard G. ("Lee") Rasmussen, III

Charron Hodges Montgomery

Eric D. Smith

Justin A. Ritter


Of Counsel

Joseph W. (“Rick”) Richmond, Jr.

Jane Champion Clarke

Molly B. F. Walls


Legal Staff

Estate and Trust Administration

Deborah A. Hall, Director of Estate and Trust Administration

Real Estate Paralegals

Trudy A. Herold, Real Estate Paralegal

Deborah P. Johnson, Real Estate Paralegal

Legal Assistants

Judy M. Breeden (George B. McCallum, III and Roger D. Williams)

Deborah K. Decker (David W. Kudravetz, Kathy D. Abell, and Molly B. F. Walls)

Sarah A. Godfrey (Charron Hodges Montgomery and Eric D. Smith)

Terri Jordan (Joseph W. Richmond, Jr.)


Support Staff

Jeanette P. Mills, Receptionist

Faye Smith, Bookkeeper


Tax Department

Tax Professionals

Stacie H. Reid, CPA

Seth F. Pates, CPA

Mary Adams, CPA

Bryce K. Fletcher, Staff Accountant


Tax Staff

Martha Loach

MaryAnn Schaefer